Platinum Standard

The Australian beverage company driven by the love of people, principals and planet.

Hydration is vital for life.Would you fill your car with dirty fuel? Or feed your pet polluted food? Of course not! How much more important is caring for our body. When we chose drinks high in refined sugar, containing preservatives and incorporating ingredients from conventional farming, we are exposing our mind and body to toxins that can damage our immunity and health over time.

Did you know?

Certain soft drinks have up to ten teaspoons of refined sugar. Leading medical professionals at the World Health Organisation’s (WHO) warn of the dangers to our health if we make such junk foods a regular part of our diet. Cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes amongst many.Please check the label. Choose clean and green as often as possible. Some no added sugar drinks use artificial sweeteners, which can have greater side effects. Others may claim “nothing artificial” - yet still have traces of toxins because they use ingredients sourced from conventional agriculture instead of certified organic.

Why is PS the platinum standard?

PS is one of the only Australian family owned and produced certified organic drinks that tastes great and delivers awesome health benefits. Only in glass for infinite recyclability. Nothing artificial. No added refined sugar. No preservatives. Certified organic – which is far more beneficial than just natural. Natural is something present in nature. Certified organic is always guaranteed to be natural. More importantly, certified organic is guaranteed to be pure and healthy, not exposed to toxic pesticides and herbicides commonly used in modern farming. Why would you want such poisons to end up in your body? Paying a little extra, delivers a lot of wellness now and for the long term.

PS is one of the best investments in your health, happiness and earth. It is also the choice of world leading establishments who care for our community and planet – such as The Kettle Black, Dundas & Faussett, Top Paddock and Higher Ground.

Enjoy the wow taste and health benefit of PS drinks! Available at leading establishments and independent grocers.

The chosen brand by the world’s best hospitality establishments