3 Day Certified Organic Cold Pressed Juice Cleanse 

Healthy, happier, lighter, more energised and a stronger immune system!

Welcome to our happy family and PS ORGANIC PHASE 1 – a simple, plant based yet revolutionary method based on our SCAN (Self Control Awareness Nutrition) mindset developed by PS and Dr John Tickell!

So all you want is a 3 day cleanse every now and then? PS is your perfect and successful answer. Delivered to your door.

3 Day Cold Pressed Juice Detox
3 Day Cold Pressed Juice Detox

3 Day Cold Pressed Juice Detox



36 bottles of delicious, cold pressed organic goodness to reset and recharge your body. Including:

  • 12 x 330ml Body Cleanse

  • 12 x 330ml Body Nourish

  • 12 x 330ml Body Booster

Day 1: PS Cleanse 

We clean our car, our home, our garden - how much more important to cleanse our body from impurities due to stress, pollution and fast food and lifestyle!

PS Cleanse removes the dirt in your engine to enhance immunity, energy and recharge your headspace.

The green mix high in chlorophyll, combined with organic apple and lemon, to provide a serious dose of nutritional phytonutrients and toxin busting properties. The tumeric and its most active ingredient, curcumin, have powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. 

Day 2: PS Nourish

When we’ve cleansed the body from the build up of toxins, it’s time to refill those cells with pure and powerful organic nutrients. PS Nourish contains organic carrot which is rich in vitamins, minerals and fibre, as we an excellent source of antioxidants and beta carotene, the precursor of essential immune boosting Vitamin A.

The organic ginger enhances gut health and digestion, combined with organic orange juice which is a nutritional powerhouse high in vitamin C, great for immunity and skin health. 

Day 3: PS Boost

Once we’ve cleansed the toxins, replaced them with a powerhouse of organic nourishment and antioxidants, it’s time to bolt on the turbo boost. That’s the role of PS Boost!

A blend of organic pineapple, lemon and cayenne pepper - containing the active ingredient capsaicin, which is a good source of antioxidants, aids digestion and boosts metabolism. The organic pineapple is loaded with Vitamin C and packed with nutrients, antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties. Organic lemon also aids in digestion and provides a final dose of cleansing for your last day to thrive and not just survive!

Only local, certified organic and in glass.

The ultimate cleanse as Dr. Tickell noted, is the certified organic choice - that’s the one that doesn’t contain residue poisons commonly used in modern day farming. Certified organic with the ACO logo (unlike simply claiming to be ‘organic’ on the label) is the only guaranteed to be grown with all the love and goodness, but without toxic chemicals. Therefore PS is safer, healthier, tastes awesome, and only comes in glass – why would you want to expose your body to pollutants such as microplastics?!

The PS CLEANSE 1, NOURISH 2 and BOOST 3 is your 3 day detox for removing the build up of toxins in your cells (bioaccumalation), makes you think and feel better and more energised. Your body is made up of billions of cells. They end up being storage compartments for whatever you eat and breathe. The PS 3 day detox will assist in decluttering and brooming your insides from those toxins. A buildup of toxins in your cells over the years may impair your immune system and be the cause of disease.


I’m Michael Saba and our family have been devoted to organic farming for over 10 generations.

One of our operations is PS ORGANIC - local bottlers and curators of the most delicious organic snacks and drinks. That’s all we specialise in at PS. Our General Manager Tony and PS team live, breath and talk certified organic happiness!!!

Dr Tickell and his family have also been a part of our family for at least 5 generations - in every good way! PS is based on decades of what works and what doesn’t, and only embraces what develops healthy habits for life. Our health is indeed our greatest wealth.



The Saba family and PS team motive – driven by the love of people and planet. Our MAD (Make A Difference) is driven by making a positive difference to people and planet. We chose happy thoughts, words, and actions every day. We put social profits before personal financial profits. That’s what gives us the greatest joy. Our actions speak volumes.

We love to reward our team, customers and give back to the less fortunate whilst protecting our precious earth. You are the reason why PS exists. Your feedback is always welcome. We are not perfect, yet will always aim for perfect standards to add happiness to your life journey.

Hope you don’t have a good day – choose to have a sensational one!

Nick Seoud Director Darling Group (left), with Dr. John Tickell and Michael Saba outside Top Paddock, Richmond, a part of the iconic Darling Group hospitality venues. PS organic is part of their premium beverage offering.