Aussie Alps

No metallic taste - just refreshing, health and energy boosting pristine water!

Much better tasting. Much better for our earth and your health. Much better for our economy.

We love the French, Italian and Norwegians - but the Aussie alps are the best!So why are we choosing overseas mineral water that doesn’t taste as good as the Australian alps, increases carbon footprint and reduces employment opportunities for Australians? Also, unlike treated tap water with bubbles, commonly served these days - PS water has vital natural, pure minerals that go towards promoting vibrant strong hair and nails, radiant skin, heart health and reduced anxiety.

Please choose Australian
PS is the Platinum Standard in premium beverages driven by the love of people, principles and planet. Ask for PS from your grocer and cafe. Premium establishments serve Aussie Alps spring water. A valuable investment in people and society.

Experience happiness in the taste of millions of years of subterranean snowmelt. PS is from the Aussie Alps, at the base of the world-famous national heritage listed Kosciuszko National Park. Up to 80% of our body is water, choose platinum hydration for your immunity.

Magnesium mg/LSilica mg/L
PS Organic47mg20mg
Tap Water*1 - 7mg1 - 6mg
San Pellegrino49.5mg7.1mg
Santa Vittoria18.5mg5mg

*Unlike tap water, PS mineral water is bottled at the source and doesn’t undergo chemical disinfectant treatments. PS is pristine, untreated and high in magnesium and silica which are alkaline minerals vital for healthy hair, skin, nails, bones, heart function and relieving symptoms of anxiety.

“The family love Australia’s only 100% certified organic, healthiest, happiest, glass only, no added sugar, nothing artificial, locally made beverage!”

Dr. John Tickell

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