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From The Aussie Alps!

When up to 80% of our body is made up of water, it’s important to know which water you’re drinking. You may have heard that mineral water is a luxury and it’s the same as tap water? Well, we can’t speak on behalf of other mineral water brands. However, we can verify that PS ORGANIC mineral water is far superior in promoting wellness, and therefore very different to tap water. PS has a much higher nutritional content, and a much lower (and in some cases non-existent) heavy metal content. This means greater health benefits. With global warming and increased pollution, many are becoming concerned about water dams exposed to the elements, resulting in contaminated tap water.

PS is from protected underground, pristine mineral water springs far away from any pollutants. Every time you drink PS pristine mineral water, purity and peace of mind are a guarantee.

Why drink imported water?

You wonder though, when we have some of the most pristine underground natural mineral water springs, why we import so much mineral water? In most cases because it’s cheaper. At PS ORGANIC, people, principles and planet come first. We also prefer to reduce carbon footprint. Instead of importing mineral water from overseas just to save money, we prefer to support our local industry and do what is better for our earth. Besides, the quality of our Australian water is far superior – independent analysis proves so! Compare and judge for yourself. Isn’t it worth paying a little extra for best of health of people and planet!

Is it not evident from the above independent analysis that not all waters are the same?

PS ORGANIC mineral water has up to 40 times more magnesium and 10 times more silica than tap water -minerals critical for healthy nerve function, hair, nails and skin. Choosing to drink tap water means that amazing bio engine, your body, is missing out on vital nutrients for optimum well-being.

PS ORGANIC Australian Alps mineral water also contains 30% less TDS than one of the most popular imported mineral waters, and 300% more silica.

Which mineral water would you choose and recommend for your customers?

Yes, we need to make a profit to be commercially sustainable and deliver benefits to all. However, it’s all about the motive. We are about the highest happiness factor. There is no greater purpose, joy and satisfaction then being driven by a passion for the love of people, principles and planet. That’s the ultimate happiness factor!

Chloride – considered an electrolyte, crucial for muscles nerves and the heart.

Bicarbonate – ensures mineral water tastes clean and refreshing, regulates pH levels in the stomach, intestines and blood, improve hormone balance, nutrient absorption and blood quality, helps kidneys stay healthy, aids digestion.

Sodium – used to maintain the balance of water in the body, preventing stomach ailments. This is a naturally occurring sodium made up of many vital minerals.

Magnesium – body’s natural stress reducer, strengthens the immune system, controls blood pressure and relaxes the muscles. Concentrated in the kidneys, bones and muscles.

Calcium – vital for the growth and functioning of bones and minerals.

Potassium – significant body mineral essential for correct functioning of all cells and nervous tissue and is important for the brain and nervous system.

pH - Water with a low pH is said to be acidic, and water with a high pH is basic, or alkaline. Pure water would have a pH of 7.0, but water sources and precipitation tends to be slightly acidic, due to contaminants that are in the water. It is important to monitor the TDS level and the pH of drinking water for several reasons. When a water source has a high level of TDS or a low pH, it is likely that there are other harmful contaminants in the water.

TDS – Stands for total dissolved solids. TDS is made up of inorganic salts, as well as a small amount of organic matter. a very low concentration of TDS has been found to give water a flat taste, which is undesirable to many people. Increased concentrations of dissolved solids can also have technical effects.

The World Health Organisation has provided the following information around TDS:
Level of TDS (milligrams per litre) Rating

less than 300 Excellent
300 - 600 Good
600 - 900 Fair
900 - 1,200 Poor
Above 1,200 Unacceptable

Silica – natural cleansing agents that help purify the liver. Also known to strengthen the bones, teeth and skin

The benefits of drinking mineral water compared to tab water are several. Its name reinforces, PS mineral water contains a higher level of minerals that are vital for many functions within your body. Here are some of the health enhancing benefits;

  • Bone enhancer
  • Lowering bad cholesterol
  • Promotes digestion
  • Beautiful skin
  • Good for rheumatism
  • Kidney protection
  • Replenish fluids, electrolytes
  • Prevent muscle cramps
  • Fights high blood pressure
  • Sweet-craving preventative

There’s nothing as refreshing as PS pure, fresh mineral rich water bottled at the source, from a spring near the world famous national heritage listed Kosciuszko National Park, protected from exposure to environmental pollution. Enjoy the freshness and benefits from millions of years of subterranean snow melts!