About Us

Parker’s Saba Organic is a part of the Happy Saba Group, where happiness is not simply a slogan, it’s our DNA. It affects the way we think, speak and act to our team and the world. We come from the richest family without money and we know that our greatest wealth is our health and happy attitude. We stand on the massive shoulders of our parents and forefathers to continue the organic legacy and respect for earth and humanity, being politically and socially neutral on all fronts.

Perfection is elusive and challenges are a natural part of life – we always strive for the highest standards and chose positive over negative. An attitude of gratitude. WOW me, instead of WOE me.

Although our profits are important to ensure we are commercially sustainable and continue to deliver benefits for our team and the community – passion, principles and love for people comes first. We never want to compromise morals for money.


Our journey is about developing the happiest and most respectful  culture to deliver the happiest products  on earth, by empowering communities on healthy and happy lifestyle habits, sourcing the happiest supply chain, delivered by the happiest team from all walks of life, who love and respect people, planet and timeless principles. Being clean and green is not a point of difference, it’s a habit. We want to live up to the Hippocrates oath ‘Let thy food be thy medicine’.

Our workplace will always be a haven of happiness and safety for our team, the foundation and proof of our loving care for people and planet, in actions.


Gratitude – We wake up every day with appreciation for our health and our beautiful surroundings, loving the people and planet. We know happiness is a mindset and a choice, true happiness is impossible without gratitude. Gratitude drives us to show respect for ourselves and others, exhibiting humility and honour in what we say and do, always uplifting in our actions.

We commend far more than rebuke. When we need to criticise, we do so calmly and respectfully.

Attitude – Who said the sky is the limit?! When it comes to delivering the happiest outcomes on earth driven by our love of people, planet and principles, we say the sky is the beginning! We lead by example, we are solutions orientated. Average is not in our DNA. We strive for the best. Then improve. We are efficient, effective and innovative in all we do – as long as it doesn’t compromise our core.

We are diligent, are allergic to laziness, indecisiveness and negativity. Our L2L attitude is about living, loving and learning. A happy life is 99% attitude.

Giving – Our core existence is foremost about giving to others rather than putting ourselves first. Whether it’s knowledge, authority or financial gifts, we give from our heart. Whether for our team, community or family, we give with joy. We love to see others thrive, this is a key in our happy journey. It’s more about being selfless than selfish.of course profits are important – not as much as principles though.

Success – Although robust and wise financial management is crucial to achieve our goals and reward all, our ultimate success is not measured by dollars, material assets, local or global achievements. Morals will always come before money. Our success is measured by our ‘happiness factor’ which comes from living up to our moral and ethical standards. Timeless standards that prove we put people, principles and planet before profits. Our impeccable reputation we protect dearly, and every decision we make, we first rehearse the consequences, to ensure the most profitable outcome beyond dollars.