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What is organic beef?
Farmers have to follow a strict set of standards that do not allow use of preservatives, pesticides, growth hormones, routine antibiotics, artificial fertilisers, synthetic chemicals, GMOs and takes into account animal welfare. Organic farms are audited regularly and there is a rigorous system of paperwork to ensure compliance.

Are you free range?
Yes, livestock must be free range to be certified organic.

Why should we choose organic?
You can read this great article from our certifiers, Australian Certified Organic: 7 reasons to go certified organic

What is the best way to freeze beef?
It is best to get your beef frozen as quickly as possible. Your beef will lose some eating quality if you slow freeze it.  If you are freezing a large amount of beef, you can rotate the packages to ensure even freezing or alternatively, you can freeze it in parts.

What is the shelf life of your beef?
Sausages should be either consumed or frozen straight away. All our beef is preservative and nitrate free, but our sausages cannot be vacuum sealed, which gives them a short shelf life.  We put a use by date of 10 days on our mince and 14 days on boneless meat.  This is being extremely conservative as our fridges get opened and closed regularly at markets.  However, if you have bought your beef direct and fresh, the vacuum sealed meat (with bone removed) will keep for up to 6 weeks when refrigerated.

Tell me more about vacuum sealed?
Aside from our sausages that are packed in biodegradable trays, all other cuts are vacuum sealed in cryovac packaging, which extends fridge life and protects beef from bacteria. Due to the lack of exposure to oxygen, beef will change to a darker red colour while in packaging and can create an unpleasant smell when first opened (this is not an indicator of freshness!).  Once meat is exposed to oxygen again, the colour will return and the odour will dissipate – just make sure to discard packaging (you can rinse packaging out first to remove smell if it bothers you).