Who we are

Phil is our happy little farmer. Born and bred on a dairy farm, he did a farming apprenticeship in his early days and has continued farming his whole life. With over 30 years experience in farming, working close to nature has always been his thing and this passion shows in our product.

Leanne is our busy little business bee, taking care of all the paperwork, licences, administration, marketing and sales. She studied Business at a tertiary level in her early days and nothing excites her more than a balanced book.

Together they work as a perfect team, bringing their honed skills to PS It’s Organic to provide you and your family with healthy, delicious organic beef.

Where we farm

Our organic farm is in the rolling hills of Jumbunna in South Gippsland. Its rich soils make it one of the most productive farming areas in Australia.

Why we began

On our journey to live a healthier lifestyle, we discovered that the “health & wellbeing” industry can be an expensive trip. With a family of five, we understand as much as anyone else, a healthy lifestyle can be out of a family’s financial reach. This is why we decided to retail our beef direct to families, to cut out the middle man and bring healthy organic beef to your table at an affordable price.

How do we farm

Whenever we are asked how we have adapted to farming organically, you’ll inevitably hear Phil respond with, “Well basically, I farm like my Grandfather”. Using old school tools, more elbow grease, keeping a lower stocking rate, rotating cows pastures almost daily and closer individualised care, our cows are not only happier, they are also completely chemical free.

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